The very first English spoken Episode here at the Philosophy Snack Podcast. Today’s guest is Asanele. Born and raised in a small village in the East of South Africa, and now working as an engineer in Pretoria / Johannesburg. Besides his main job he is a passionate photographer too. More to that, you can find in the links below He tells us, how it was growing up in a place, where there was literally one tar road and a couple of inhabitants – and that’s it. From there we go further to his career and look back on how it is to live in a city with “standards” and how it is for him, going back to his town where he grew up without Internet, running water and electricity like in a city and much more. During this episode you will get some insights between the differences in lifestyle and much more between Europe and Africa and how it is to live in a place where you’re constantly aware, because of it’s dangers. He even got threatened with a gun, that isn’t something we got ever to experience here in Switzerland. I don’t want to reveal too much, so tune in listen to this episode, leave me some feedback and if you enjoyed it let me know!

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